—BADJAO SEAFRONT— Dining in the mangrove of Puerto Princesa

Are you Nature and Food lover ? If the answer is yes, then you should run to this place !


Badjao Seafront Restaurant is located along the shore of the bay of Puerto Princesa which makes it a very special place.

The adventure starts where you have to walk through the mangrove forest on a wooden bridge and ending up with an astonishing view on the bay, the mountains and Bagong Sikat fishermen village.


Mangroves are a vital shelter for many animals like fishes, birds or even snakes. More than 25 species of birds gravitate around Badjao Seafront, which make it an ideal place for bird watchers.

After walking the bridge crossing the mangrove, you will be pleased to arrive in a built-on stilts native-style lobby, where you can still enjoy the view of the nature from your seat.

My stomach is growling, I think I should talk about the food now !

Badjao Seafront Restaurant is very popular for its seafood menu which is quite extensive.

Each time I go there, I also see many people drinking fresh fruits shakes. I haven’t tried it myself but it seems like they are very popular too.

Last time we were there we had Pancit Canton (my favorite) DSC00880

and Kinilaw – raw fish marinated in vinegar – (my other favorite :D)

I find this restaurant so refreshing for the mind and the body and it is why I really like this place. Each time, I have friends or family visiting me I would bring them there.

It’s been almost 23 years that the restaurant is in place and still very popular among locals and tourists. I would advice you to book a table in advance,  especially on sun set and night time.


Informations : 

For menu and prices I invite you to follow the link to their facebook page.

Most of the tricycles drivers know this place, so it will be easy for them to take you there. I would recommend to agreed with one of them to come back when you’re done since the place is a bit far from the main road.

Address : Abueg Road, Barangay Bagong Sikat, Puerto Princesa City

Phone number : (048) 433 9912

Opening time : 10 AM




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