—MALDITA FIERY FOODS— She loves chili

A very good friend of mine got herself into the chili-mania or should I say the chili-totalcrazyobsession (oh yes, she’s really THAT much into chili).

She started to grow chili at the back of her house and collected the hottest chilis she could find : Carolina reaper, ghost peppers, Trinidad moruga scorpions


Then she experimented chili-garlic at first. Oh my … that was so good !! She would spend hours to chop garlic and chilis until her fingers were totally burnt (even with latex gloves), what an unconditional love for chilis !

Slowly by slowly, she ended-up developing different kind of really inventive sauces out of fermented chilis.

May I introduce you to MALDITA FIERY FOODS by my dear friend, Mell.


Here are some of their chili sauces in details.

Devil’icious chili – garlic

It won 3rd place at the chili growers Philippines hot sauce competition, chili garlic category,  2nd place at the Sweat Shoppe’s chili garlic competition, and 2nd place at Isabela chili festival last February 2018.

Peaches and scream made of peaches and fermented super-hot chilis. Champion at the chili grower’s philippines hot sauce competition.

Hijo de fruitas made of roasted pineapple, mangos and fermented yellow habanero chilis.

It won 1st runner up at the Philippines chili federation and Philippine hot sauce club’s chili sauce competition at the chili festival in 2017.

-Baryada, Sinamak na Pahamak is an ilongo inspired spiced vinegar. It is an extremely spicy vinegar. 

It’s good, it’s pretty, it’s funny, it’s bad ass, it’s like Mell.

To discover more of her products, check her facebook page Maldita Fiery Foods.


Her clients are mostly “masochistic foodies and palate pyromaniacs who love the real heat of chilis.”

 She usually gets her chilis from growers in Benguet, Isabela, Bukidnon and Zamboanga Del Sur because the chilis from her backyard are not enough. She’s encouraging local farmers and growers to grow chilis here in Palawan to support the local economy.

Those products are made out of PASSION in Palawan and they deserve to be SUPPORTED for its quality and its originality (you won’t find it anywhere else).

Here is where you can find Maldita Fiery Foods products in Palawan :

Puerto Princesa :

  • Ka Lui, Rizal Avenue
  • Artisans, Rizal Avenue
  • TheGypsy’s Lair ArtCafe, Mercado de San Miguel
  • Kusinero, Rizal Avenue
  • Sheebang Hostel, Bar & Restaurant, Libis Road
  • Surublien Palawan Trade House, Batangay San Pedro

Sabang : 

  • Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort

El Nido :

  • Boodle Fight Resto & Bar (Corong-Corong)
  • Lio Tourism Estat, Kalye Artisano

Coron :

  • Aramintas Arts & Crafts

On Facebook Maldita Fiery Food

On Instagram @malditafieryfood

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