—EMERALD PLAYA & ECO-PARK RESORT— Beach resort in Puerto Princesa

Are you looking for a room, a beach bar or a place to hang-out in Puerto Princesa ?

If the answer is yes, (and I’m sure it is, since it would be hard to answer “no” to this question), then you should go visit Emerald Playa & Eco-Park Resort. This resort is surrounded by nature. The mangrove on a side, the beautiful beach on the other side. What else to ask for ?

This place is simply a hidden treasure of Puerto Princesa.


You will find everything to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. You can rent a room or just come for a day to enjoy the amenities and relax. 

Accommodation on cottages

DSC01146Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 17.29.46

1800 Pesos for 2/3 Persons Cottage

2400 Pesos for 3/4 Persons Cottage

3600 Pesos for 5/6 Persons Cottage

 Beach Restaurant & Beach Bar

Their chefs will be glad to cook your meal ordered in advance, that will guarantee the freshness of the food.


Enjoy the view and relax with drinks and snacks at the beach bar, just near by the kite club.

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 17.44.44

Things to do : Kitesurf, Volley ball, chill-out and enjoy the surroundings

DSC01173Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 19.27.31DSC01169DSC01151

Mangroves are an essential part of the eco-system. You will see a variety of animal life among the mangroves (fishes, birds …). Stroll around and discover.

If you want to experience the simplicity and the beauty of Palawan, being far away from the crowd of the city, and meet locals, this is the best place to go in Puerto Princesa.

The staff is very helpful and will assist you in anyway they can.

You can also organise your events in this place, since they have the facilities.

Informations :

You will experience the magic of Palawan at only 15 minutes from Puerto Princesa Airport. You  will also get free transfer from the airport to Emerald Playa & Eco-Park Resort.

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For more informations about Emerald Playa & Eco-Park Resort, please check their website : www.theemeraldplaya.com

For more informations about The KiteClub Palawan, please check their website : www.kiteclubpalawan.com

You can also read my post about The KiteClub Palawan : Kite and meet locals






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