—THE NORTH HIGHWAY OF PALAWAN — Part 1 – How to get to the north of Palawan ?

More than a way to go, the north highway of Palawan is a beautiful trip to do. You will see many sceneries, mountains, rivers, rice fields, sea shore, cliffs … Take your time and enjoy the view.

How to get to the north of Palawan from Puerto Princesa ?

If your destinations is El Nido, San Vicente, or Port Barton, you will have to road the north highway of Palawan from Puerto Princesa. Hard to get lost since there is only one main road going north.

You have different options to go in north towns of Palawan : bus, van, motorbike, car.

The cheapest option would be the bus. You have different kind of bus. Without air-con and very slow bus, or with air-con (sometimes WIFI, depend on the bus company you choose) and a bit faster.

The fastest option would be the van . Most of vans are air-con and goes straight to your destination.

The only thing with bus and van is you can’t stop wherever you want. They would stop in some restaurant so you can eat or go to the toilet but that’s it.

In my opinion, the best way to go north would be to rent a bike or a car. The freedom you get from it, is fantastic. The road is concret and good but you will find people, kids, dogs or other animals on the road. Just drive slow and carefully, everything will be alright.

Note : You can also go to San Vicente or Coron by airplane from Puerto Princesa (AirJuan). It would be more expansive, but very fast.



Informations : 

Bus companies in Palawan:

– Cherry Bus : From 9 am to 9 pm, 380 Pesos w/o Aircon, 480 Pesos with Aircon (6 hours to El Nido)

– Roro Bus : From 4 am to 10 pm, same prices, same duration.

Van companies in Palawan :

There are many van companies going north of Palawan. The price would range between 600 Pesos to 800 Pesos to El Nido. Less If you go to Port Barton or San Vicente (around 350 Pesos).

Bus / Van Terminal in Puerto Princesa :

You don’t necessarily need to book in advance your trips to go North of Palawan since you have several daily trips from Puerto Princesa, bus or vans. Just go to the terminal in San Jose – New Market (near Robinson Mall) and see in which bus or van you would feel comfortable travelling.

Motorbikes and Cars rental in Puerto Princesa :

You can find rental shops in front of the airport. You can rent a motorbike or a car to go north and let the motorbike or car there. Just talk with the rental shop for details. A rental for a bike would cost you around 600 Pesos a day and 3000 Pesos for a car, but you can negotiate with the rental shop if you’re planning to rent for several days.








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