—THE KITECLUB PALAWAN— Kite and meet locals

If you’re looking for a good kite club in Palawan, you are on the right page.

Ok, let’s be honest right away. I don’t kiteboard, I never did and I’m such a coward that I would probably never try. BUT, I have many friends who kite and teach kite, I just enjoy looking at them, while taking a sunbath in the sea.

However, if you are interested or already into kitesurfing you should visit The Kiteclub Palawan. They have a club in Puerto Princesa and in Sibaltan, near El Nido.

The kite school is managed by a local, certified IKO licensed instructor (again, support local businesses !). All the instructors will be there for you and for your safety.

You can get kiteboarding lessons, you can also rent kayaks to enjoy the nature around. They also propose many different packages including accommodations and other tours or even kite safaris to far and wild destinations.

The Kiteclub Palawan in Puerto Princesa



The club is ideally located in Emerald Playa & Eco-park resort, in Puerto Princesa City itself.

I love this place for its beauty and very friendly ambiance (If you want to know more about Emerald Playa & Eco-Park resort : beach resort in Puerto Princesa).

Just kitesurf and enjoy, and if there is no wind ? It’s ok, you will be able to meet locals and visiting kitesurfers, and enjoy the beach bar, just next to the club.


The Kiteclub Palawan in El-Nido / Sibaltan

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 16.56.09

The club is located in Sibaltan, not far from the crowded city of El Nido, on the east coast of Palawan. I actually shot this picture last year from a very sh***y phone, but I love it anyway. This place is really amazing and beautiful. It’s peaceful, quiet and ideal for kitesurf. You can get a van to go there directly from El Nido, it’s very easy to access.

You will find everything : place to sleep, eat, drink and meet new friends. Don’t hesitate to ask the Kiteclub for any questions you may have on your trip.

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 16.23.26

Informations :

For more information and details, on rates and lessons, please follow the link of their website : The Kiteclub Palawan

You can also visite their facebook page :

The Kite Club Palawan Puerto Princesa

The Kite Club Palawan El-Nido

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