—DANGGIT LAMAYO— Fish speciality from Palawan

Today, I’m writing about Danggit Lamayo because this marinated fish is my FAVORITE !

I discovered it in Coron for the first time, and I told my self “How did I live this all time without knowing about this ??”


Most of hotel here in Palawan, would serve it for breakfast, I really recommend you to try it.

Danggit Lamayo is marinated in coconut vinegar, garlic, pepper, salt. Then you just have to fry it until it gets really crispy.


So simple diba ?

For me, the best breakfast in the world is with Danggit Lamayo. Even when I’m in France, I would desperately crave for it on breakfast (I’m also craving for dried fish, what I’ve had become ?? 😀 😀 )


I’m buying packs of marinated Lamayo at the dried fishes stalls at the market.

It’s around 250g of fish for 120 P only.


Please feel free to comment or share if you love Lamayo too !!!



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